Established since the inception of the college.

Faculty Members
  1. Dr. Geeta Gupta, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., NET
  2. Mrs. Anjali Gupta, M.A., SLET
  3. Dr. Anshu Sailpar, M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D., NET
  4. Dr. Seema, M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D., NET
  5. Ms. Ritu Dhingra, M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.
  6. Dr. Kamlesh, M.A., B.Ed., M.phil., Ph.D.
  7. Ms. Nishu, M.A., B.Ed.
  8. Miss Priyanka, M.A.
  9. Ms. Pratibha, M.A., B.Ed.
Course offered:

English in B.A. I, II, III, B.Sc. I

  1. The faculty members are actively involved in giving special coaching to the students for competitive exams.
  2. The extracurricular activities related to the subject are carried out throughout the year by college office bearers and are guided by a lecturer in-charge from the department.