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Online quiz on Awerness of COVID-19 virus.

Date of Publish : Tuesday 21st of April 2020

Dear All

  As the corona virus outbreak widens in different part of the world, affecting millions, various Govt. and private institutions are doing their efforts to educate society. To contribute in spreading the awareness about COVID 19, Department of computer science of H.K.M.V., Jind ( Haryana) has taken an intiative to organize an online General Awareness Quiz on COVID 19. By participating in this online quiz, you get a chance to win participation e-certificate from college.
 All you need to know about our quiz:
  Date : *Open from 21 April to 30 April 2020*
  Mode : *Online*
 Quiz Link:
  *No* Registration fee!
E-certificate will be issued them who score 75% or above.
  Winners of this quiz will get e-certificate on their registered email.
 With regards

(Mrs. Anju Garg)
Deptt.of Mathematics                    

( Dr. Poonam Punia)
Deptt. Of computer science
H.K.M.V,Jind( Haryana )
  Pin -126102