Red Cross

Red Cross

The Red Cross unit of H.K.M.V. Jind is doing a great job for college students and community. A unit of 75 girls is doing a lot in various fields including literacy, AIDS awareness and every type of help with the motto of service to humanity.

Under the active and intelligent guidance of the unit in charge Dr. Punam kajal, the unit very actively conducts various camps and workshops. Very useful and practical knowledge is imparted to the students regarding the upkeep of their physical health under the programmes like Home Nursing Training, Yoga camp, Tai commando camp, Hospital welfare programmes etc. Various important dates and days are celebrated by the unit with great enthusiasm to keep the students well-informed about their importance.

These activities are not confined only with in the four walls of the institution. The unit is working equally well outside the college campus also. Various students are engaged in the work of educating illiterate women. Various financial and material goods like tuition fee, clothes, utensils, medicines etc. are distributed from time to time among the underprivileged sections of society. Competitions and seminars are also held to encourage the students to make further progress with more zeal and enthusiasm.

Dr. Punam Kajal
(Coordinator Red Cross)

Report of Red Cross